High Holidays 2018/5779


High Holiday Schedule and Ticket Prices/Policies

We welcome our friends and neighbors from all over Bucks County, PA

TBI Family and Friends,

As we near the end of summer, it will be soon time to go back to school, baseball season will turn into football season and the temperature will begin to drop you know fall is right around the corner. This also signifies that the High Holiday season is fast approaching. We will be moving into the year 5777 and the Rabbi and the Cantorial Soloist are already hard at work making sure that the services are spiritually fulfilling for all that attend. The Religious Committee has also met; our mission for this High Holiday season and those to come is to make our services more inviting for all. In this ever changing world we live in there are more diverse couples than ever before and all should feel welcome at TBI.  Just as the leaves begin to change TBI is beginning to change as well. During the services there will be more opportunities for our family and friends to be involved.

  1. Called to the Torah for an Aliyah

  2. Open the Ark

  3. Wrap (Dress) the Torah

  4. Lift the Torah

  5. Carrying the Torah

  6. English Reading

  7. Torah Reader

  8. Haftorah Reader

  9. Shofar Blower

The involvement of some of these honors can be made by Children, Non-Jewish men and/or women, public speakers, Members, Non Members, Strong, Weak, Tall, Short, the shy or the outgoing. Your involvement to our service is key to TBI’s success. This year many of you will be receiving a phone call from one of our Religious committee members asking if you would like to receive one of  these honors. These phone calls will help us better prepare for the service and allow everyone to concentrate more on the service.  In many synagogues it is customary to make a donation when given an honor during the High Holiday service. So please, when you receive a phone call please consider one of these honors however if you would like one of these honors and wish not to receive a call you can certainly email me at ljjscohen@verizon.net or call the synagogue and leave your request for an honor. Remember without your participation and financial support TBI cannot exist.

Wishing you and your family and friends a happy and a healthy New Year.

Louis Cohen
TBI Religious Chair