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TBI Warrington is a member of the Bucks County Jewish Coalition

Serving the Bucks-Montgomery Jewish Community for 95 years

Celebrating 95 Years
On March 26th, 1924, Congregation Tiferes B’nai Israel began a journey of raising Jewish awareness in the BuxMont area that continues today.  As the oldest continuously operating synagogue in Bucks county, we welcome all to share our celebration by participating and attending various calendars events throughout 2019.

Whether listening to noted speakers, viewing Jewish artifacts such as a 100 plus year old Torah from Russia, or enjoying traditional foods and music we hope to continue the traditions of the “TBI Family” for years to come.

Who are we? 

Congregation Tiferes B’nai Israel – TBI – has served the Bucks-Montgomery Jewish Community since 1924.  We are a small, participatory community where people know and care for each other. 

What are our values?

We are an evolving center of Jewish life that both respects our past and looks to the future to meet the needs of a diverse, intergenerational congregation.  We are egalitarian, nonjudgmental, and supportive.   We put a premium on learning and the education of our children.

What is our religious affiliation?

We are intentionally not affiliated with any of the major Jewish movements.  This has allowed TBI to be responsive to the changing needs of our members.  We currently offer a traditional style of religious worship.

What do we aspire to be?

Our mission is to provide a warm, spiritual community.  We strive to be a welcoming place where everybody truly knows your name. We seek to support our members in their individual journeys both as  Jews and human beings. 

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Cultural Programs & Adult Education • Active Sisterhood • Exciting School Programs

Newly renovated sanctuary and classrooms

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Sunday October 27, 4:30 till 7:30