President’s Message


TBI Presidents’ Message January 2019

To All.

As 2018 comes to an end and a new year is around the corner, I offer a few thoughts on our congregations’ recent achievements and where 2019 will lead us. Just as the underdog Eagles won this year’s Super Bowl, so has TBI won in so many ways.  Our membership has grown, we have funded improvements that were once dreams, and so many of you have successfully promoted the TBI spirit throughout our community.  We have gained knowledge of our faith under the tutelage of Rabbi Mimi while our school has adapted to new learning methods and has had a positive impact on student at all levels. And we have seen significant growth in attendance at events over previous years, and the food gets better and better each time we share a meal. Even during troubled times, while not experienced first-hand but in kinship, we stood strong in our beliefs and remained resilient to those who wish to harm the good of this world.  In 2018 we won in so many different arenas, and I am excited as we enter 2019 with unstoppable momentum that will carry us through next year’s challenges and celebrations.

The first priority of 2019 will be to continue to be strong in our faith and our resolution of keeping TBI stable, and visible entity in our community.  The long-term goal of growing our membership remains in the forefront of most everything we undertake. Improving and expanding our education system, continuing facility improvements and engaging more members in weekly forums are the stepping stones of building our active membership to higher levels.  I look forward to seeing new faces at our shul along with our established members on a reoccurring basis as the year progresses.

Equally important is recognizing TBI’s mark on Judaic history in the BuxMont area.  2019 is the 95th anniversary of our congregation’s incorporation and we plan to celebrate this milestone throughout the year. In addition to our more common festivities, many events are being planned that will focus on TBI’s legacy and hopefully bring a greater awareness to the little synagogue with the big heart. All are welcome to contribute both stories and memorabilia to help with our message of celebration.  In fact, I would be interested to find who among us has the longest tie to TBI, I promise not to disclose your age.  As we move into next year please pay careful attention to our calendar and plan to join fellow members and guests at scheduled events.

For 2019 we will again look towards the generosity of all to support our continued trek of improving the quality of life when at shul. With the new year coming we will again open a capital campaign aimed at a few more needed improvements that will make our building shine when reaching our 100-year anniversary. With the improvements that have been completed over the last few years it is evident of what can be accomplished when we set our minds to it.

As we leave 2018 behind us, I offer my sincere thanks for your contribution to the success stories that have played out this year. For 2019 I look forward to rubbing our elbows together, whether at services, helping with spring and fall cleanup, welcoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah student, or steering the ship at board and committee meetings. 

Happy New Year, Good Health and Happiness for years to come,

Steve Pagano