President’s Message


TBI Presidents’ Message October 2017

The following is an outtake of this year’s High Holiday message. 

As many of you know, the construction of a ramp enabling access for those having difficulty climbing stairs, are bound to a wheelchair or other impediments, has been the topic of many discussions.  

To accomplish this, committee members have spent many hours and months investigating possible grants with over 50 applications having been sent out.  We have approached government leaders, both at state and federal levels hoping for support based on our township historical status. We have initiated applications to the likes of Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes for supporting monies as they have programs that benefit local not for profit organizations. AND while we have yet to be successful in securing grant support, the committee continues its mission. 

So for now it is time to turn inwards, to place the burden of raising needed funds on ourselves. 

A capital campaign has been initiated and is officially launched today. Contractors have estimated project costs to be between $35-50K with the upper end set as our campaign target. As of today, we have over $12K of on hand capital funds and another $4k in pledge money.  This is a real cause in motion with an ambitious but attainable goal as we have demonstrated with past fundraising.

Today I am asking that you join others by making a donation or pledge to the campaign using the cards that has been provided.  If the ramp is not your cause you have an option of directing a donation to either the general fund or school scholarship. And this does not all have to fall on just TBI members or others here today. Reach out to relatives, neighbors and friends, SELL the story of TBI being the oldest continuously operating synagogue in Bucks county wanting to open its doors to all.

At the same time, contributing to this campaign does not forgo our responsibility to the daily operation of our synagogue. TBI continues to look for your financial commitment towards membership and tuition, high holiday seats if warranted, or for other services that may have been provided. Just as within your own household, TBI has bills that need paying and repairs that need mending on a continuing basis.

When opening the purse strings family should always be first.  Some of you may have helped those suffering in the wake of the recent storms or other charitable outlets.  I can only ask that if TBI is on your list for giving, if currently at number 7, make it number 5, if at 5 make it 3, if 3 then 2.

And I would ask that you care enough so that we can continue to come together to pray, to learn, to remember, and that those not be able to join us today will have the opportunity to do so in the future.

SHANNA TOVAH and keep smiling

Steve Pagano