Scrip Tips

  1. Scrip works through gift cards. You pay full price for the gift card (you pay $25 for a $25 gift card), but TBI receives a “rebate”.  Each retailer gives a certain rebate percentage (occasionally they even offer “bonus” rebates).  For example, if you purchase a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble, you will receive a $25 gift card and $2 will go to TBI (their current 8% rebate).

  2. The more you use Scrip, the more TBI will earn!

  3. With Scrip, you order regular plastic gift cards just like you can in the retail store.

  4. Scrip offers gift cards to a variety of places from restaurants, to your favorite shops, to gas, to travel, to entertainment options.

  5. Purchase for your day-to-day purposes. (groceries and household)

  6. Purchase as gifts for the holidays. (friends, family, teachers, bus drivers)

  7. Get your friends and family involved! There is no out-of-pocket expense for this fund-raising.

  8. Quick turn-around.  You will have your cards within two weeks of placing the order.

“I have many family members who live out of town, and we use SCRIP for birthday gifts, holiday presents, and other gift ideas.”

“I use the gas cards as the gas allowance for my teenagers who are driving - it’s easy to give them gas money in the form of a gift card.”

“I make sure that I have SCRIP cards to all of my supermarkets, so TBI can make money every time I grocery shop!”

Scrip Q & A

How does Scrip work?

  1. TBI purchases gift cards at a discount and sells them to you at full face value.

  2. Example: TBI will purchase a $100 ShopRite card for $96 and sell it to you for $100. The card is worth $100 and you will receive $100 of goods or services with that card. The $4.00 of profit from the sale of that card will be credited to TBI.

How do I know how much profit I will receive?

  1. On the Scrip Sales Sheet there is a % that shows you the profit. If you purchase $100 gift card with a 5% profit, TBI will have earned $5.00 of credit. The higher the %, the more profit TBI earns. It is only the amount of profit generated from the sale, not the amount of sale that gives TBI Scrip credit.

  2. The gift cards range from 1% – 20% in profit.  Every little bit helps!

Where do I purchase Scrip?

  1. During the school year, Scrip is sold in the foyer of the synagogue on Sundays from 9-12.  You can also mail your payment to Erica Douglas at 617 Songbird Court, Warrington, PA, 18976.

  2. Orders will be placed every two weeks as needed.  Individual orders over $500 will be placed upon payment.

Who can I contact for Scrip?

  1. Erica Douglas,, 215-803-4840

Click to download and print the TBI Scrip Order Form>>

TBI Scrip form 2018a.pdf

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Click here for a full list of retailers;